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Why There is No Black Sermoncentral

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Let’s discuss why there in no Black Sermon Central (but there should be). Black Sermons are Different from Others

Black Sermons are Different from Others

Before going forward, let me make something clear: I am not suggesting that “sermon doctrine and theology” is different. God forbid!

Such difference can only false biblical doctrine. There is only one (1) God and one (1) truth as communicated through the Holy Spirit.

Let’s face it, and I know this is an uncomfortable topic for most: ethnic and cultural nuance matters in ministry. There is no greater witness of this than the ‘Pentecost’ event in the Book of Acts.

In this biblical scene, we find identified ethnic Hebrews, preaching to people from all nations, in their native Hebrew tongue. However, the hearers heard the followers of Jesus Christ in their native languages, which were not Hebrew.


God created multiple languages, at the Tower of Babel, and did so with purpose. His purpose is well-known to students of God’s Word. Those who heard the gospel took it back to their own nations, in their own ethnic tongues, and preached Jesus.

Cultural and ethnic nuance matters even in the preaching of the Gospel.

For instance, I once invited an Indian (from India) Pastor to deliver a message in our largely African American congregation. His sermon message was AWESOME and even solicited some “Amens”.

However, we conducted a “laying on of hands and healing” service after the message which did not go well! The strategy was to “heal” God’s people and plea to HIM for mercy with respect to physical sickness.

I was the only one who came to the alter that day! The reason was while I have witnessed ‘others’ run to an alter for a “stranger” to lay hands and heal them, black folks are a bit different.

Our congregation being much more traditional took this “healing service” to another level.

Black folks, especially older black folk, don’t like anyone they do not know, or are not comfortable with, touching them in such a personal way. Now, had any been literally "dying" if such sickness, I am sure the response would have been different.

This doesn’t suggest, as well, this applies to ALL older black folks – it doesn’t.

Nevertheless, this “nuance” of black church cultures indicates that messages, delivery, and even order of service, must apply Paul’s principle.

Here is what the Apostle wrote on the subject:

Review of Sermoncentral

Let’s first learn a bit more about Sermon Central. This is a website offering church leaders content for discipleship purposes. These sermons, outlines, etc., were created by preachers and teachers, for the purposes of effective discipleship.

There is a yearly expensive membership fee for their services. Further, you must join, give your name, ministry etc. For those seeking sermon content and want to remain anonymous, you must be deceptive when signing up.

Remember — no lie is of the truth!

Nevertheless, and we are back to this — the nuances of sermon creation matters from culture to culture.

This does not suggest that doctrinal imperatives change, only how they are presented within a culture. While I would hesitate to call this website, Sermon Downloads, akin to Sermon Central, the goal is the same.

Black Pastors Should Develop a Platform

Is this platform strictly for African American church leaders? NO! However, the nuance of black culture appears in a portion, if not all sermons available for purchase.

Keeping with the Pauline principle of “shape shifting” to win soul, Black Pastors should develop a platform. The reason is simple: while theology is theology, how that theology is prepared and delivered to God’s people is different.

This website may be the beginning of exactly that!

The realization of this platform has been years in the making. My electronic platform building journey began around 2005–2006. At that time, I developed an intense interest in everything web building based.

As time progressed, I developed a keen interest in writing as well.

In 1997 however, I was in a place of severe alcoholism and was chief among sinners. I was raised in the church but had seen these people act so badly, that I thought the church a bunch of phonies.

If this was ‘god’, why should I be a part of it?

That same year, a Pastor I greatly admired (if not the church he represented) told me: “Today, I saw something in you.” I responded: “what did you see?” He said: “when the time comes, you will know. You can run but you cannot hide?”

He saw the Call of God on my life. Whoa!

I quickly responded: “hide from what?” He walked away, and we never spoke of it again until a few decades later. It is impossible to explain the next six (6) years with 100% precision. Some things are a “blur” and these years were for me.

I was “running from God’s Call” because I was so overwhelmed.

If I can make an inadequate effort at communicating what happened over those six (6) years, I would compare it to a ‘snooze’ button on an alarm.

This smart phone button has a distinctive feature: the more you hit snooze, the louder each pursuant ring becomes.

Six (6) years after the conversation with the Pastor I admired, the alarm was unbearable, and I preached my ‘trial’ sermon. I am sure those truly called (not the self-appointed among you) can relate to my experience.

Here is a testimony about what the call “can be” like for those God chooses:

God Graced Me with Content Creating Gifting

When we fast forward to the current day, this platform is a direct result of all I have experienced. Whether the call, perfected e-skills, or other, this had to happen!

This platform is a result of the journey God has taken me on, and a compulsion He has graced me with. He has gifted me to create tons of content for both Sheep and their leaders.

We will deal with the LIE of Christian ‘plagiarism’ in another article.

I am creating a full-fledged, scholarly article worthy apologetics response to that non-sense. Our biblical mission is to “pass on what we have seen and heard”, and not “create something new, which has never been seen nor heard”.

STOP believing the lies of the world men and women of God!

Sometimes There are Dry Seasons

No one understands the ‘call ‘as we do. It is that compulsion to preach which refuses to leave. I also understand the pressure to deliver life-changing messages.

However, there are often “dry seasons” when we simply aren’t hearing from the Holy Spirit. That NEVER means the Spirit isn’t speaking, we just aren’t “listening.” This occurs for a variety of reason but most often, distraction happens.

This website exists to usher you through the dry season(s)!

God, through the Holy Spirit, has given me the ability to create endless amount of discipleship focused content. This blessing is not meant to, after preached, waste away on a flash drive until once again required.

Often, I find myself restrained from creating mountains more content because of life’s other obligations.

So much has the Holy Spirit over-flowed my cup, I recently considered adding ‘custom sermon writing’ to our product offerings!

Others have the gift of wisdom, healing, miracles, tongues, music, and various outpourings of the Holy Spirit which I do not. I shudder at the prospect of appearing as if I am somehow more gifted than others.

God forbid!

I only reveal this because most brethren I meet struggle to produce written content, format correctly, and electronically archive.

Unfortunately, many who can perform these functions adequately, believe THEY hold the ‘copyright,’ to content (revealed by the Holy Spirit). This produces a selfishness that was never the intent of Jesus Christ.

I hold no copyright so feel free to do to whatever you are led to with your pre-made sermon downloads.

Right now, I want you to share in the gift God has given me; creating immaculate sermon content so you can make disciples. I love gospel music although I cannot sing.

You have purchased music, right? Why are you struggling to be blessed by the gift God has given another?

Here is another example.

Most Believers have purchased one Christian book, devotional or other literature from a writer. Let’s stick with books written by your favorite Christian author.

Where do you think the origination point of those books are? Past sermon content from them or others!

Although this is not a Black Sermon Central, the end goal is the same: to get Holy Ghost filled, theologically sound lesson content into the hands of teachers.

We have many different sermon download packages which will bless your soul, disciple YOU, as well as those you lead.

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