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Which Sermon Notes Package is Best?

Of course, that is according to the individual need and discipleship desire. What you should keep in mind is these lessons will not simply disciple God's people, they will teach you as well. All lessons, regardless of package size, are thematic and address many of the discipleship needs you have for your congregation. Although it is our largest package, we only recommend the 104 package for Pastors, Preachers, and Teachers who cannot suffer information overload. Every sermon lesson is a three (3) page, thorough outline. That means this download has more than 300 pages of content! This package may not be best for 95% of teachers.

How Many Times Can I Download a Digital Offering?

You may download once within a severely restricted window. These restrictions protect our product(s) while providing for your needs as well. All downloads are from a secure link which will expire soon after purchase.

Why Don't You Sell Individual Sermon Downloads?

We are working toward smaller package downloads for 'sermon series' only. These series comprise 3-6 weeks lessons and are thematic in construction. With so many sermons available, listing each individually is much to labor intensive to make such an offering feasible. 

Do You Offer Refunds?

No. We have never received such a request and do not plan to! The issue with offering refunds on digital downloads is we are unable to reliably recover our product. No physical product can be returned.

Why Don't You Offer 'Script' Style Sermons?

Jesus wired each of us with different gifts (1st Cor. 12:1-11). What works for some doesn't work for others. For those who may not know, script sermons are just like they sound - word for word lessons which must be repeated exactly as written. Our sermon outlines offer much more flexibility not just in preaching, but also in "how" these notes are used. Each sermon is three (3) pages in length, with numerous scriptural references, etc. Further, our sermons are delivered in Word format so Teachers can alter as necessary. Recently, we were on a ZOOM call with nationally known Pastors, Preachers, and Teachers. We all shared our sermon structure and based on what we saw, there is almost zero "0' chance you will be disappointed with our offerings whatever your preaching style.

Why Don't You Offer a Membership Subscription Like Other Websites?

Our business model is strictly 'Ala Carte.' Charging upwards of $200 per year for website access while lucrative, isn't what we are about. For instance, If someone purchases the "25 Sermon Package", we know they will return for larger purchases because of satisfaction with the offering. Our library is always growing so there will never be a point when the brethren will not return for more sermons!

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