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Why You Can't Ever Become a Church Minister: Stop Trying

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Let’s learn why you cannot ever become a church minister so you should stop trying.

You Can’t Learn How to Become a Church Minister

Learning how to become a church minister, while a worthy pursuit, must be approached cautiously.

I’ve read other websites which dispense advice on how to become a church minister. Let’s first give credit to those organizations for their admirable presentation of the process.

However, few (if any) encourages asking the most important question: “is this a work God has called me to”?

What is contained in this post could change your outlook on becoming a minister. Further, please consider changing course if God did not call you to the work.

Many years ago, I was where you are. I searched for answers to something, while not interested in, I felt compelled to do.

What is driving you to this work? Don’t stop at asking the question, earnestly seek the answer.

One issue the church is now confronting is ‘gender identity.’ There are men who think they are women and vice versa. We know the Bible says God created male and female, right?

Well, there are even people in church leadership who don’t believe this!

I mention this because no matter how much a man thinks he is a woman, or vice versa, it doesn’t make it so. Their desire to be so has nothing to do with the absolute truth of what God created them to be.

This is just like someone’s desire to be a minister when they are not ‘called’ to the work.

By “calling”, I mean straight from God to those He assigns to do it. Your desire to Preach the Gospel and serve as a church minister may not be God’s plan.

Let me be more clear: you were born a preacher/minister or “you weren’t.” Just like the gender issue, your desire doesn’t change God’s plan. Why live a “lie” which is never going to please God?

What a Church Minister Truly is

Let’s first define ‘minister’ and then review how this definition is viewed. A minister is nothing more than a ‘servant.’

In the church, this term is mutually inclusive with ‘preacher.’ On the Internet however, there are different views with respect to what it means.

Many years ago, I worked at a place called the Denver Rescue Mission, located in Denver, Colorado. This organization provided homeless services to the community, and effectively so.

The company was a faith-based organization and the staff claimed to be followers of Jesus Christ.

As with the church, so is true in such places — not everyone who claims to be a disciple is. One of these ‘Christian’ leaders turned out to be one among the cruelest people I have met.

Sure, he did great works but he was the ultimate ‘fence sitting’ Christian. His name was Steve Walkup and I will forever remember him as someone who acted like a minister but served no one. He provided people resources in places all over the world.

Yet, remembering the meaning of ‘minister,’ he sacrificed himself for no one. Steve sacrificed time for sure! But he never gave ‘himself.’ Steve sacrificed his time, talent, and some treasure, but his heart was never surrendered. How do I know?

We have all met someone who was trying very hard to be different and better than they had been in the past.

The effort was so visible that it appeared phony, contrived, and manufactured. Those Jesus changes do not have to manufacture anything. Sure, we have to do some work but that work produces “fruits of the spirit.”

Having worked for Steve for a number of years, I saw none demonstrated consistently. He did good deeds and blessed many people, no doubt! However, he was, at his core, a cruel man who bullied people.

In his effort to be a minister/preacher, Steve damaged the lives of countless people. He was never, and will ever be a called by God in the way he imagines. In calling God a liar through his act of ‘christ likeness’, he hurt and destroyed people.

Ever had a boss which everyone was afraid of? Not in a “reverence” sense, but just scared of their cruelty? Steve was that guy.

What true minister of the gospel is everyone afraid of? Steve was a Vice President in the organization and had almost unlimited power for a few reasons. First, he oversaw a division, and next, no matter how out of control he had gotten, he was never properly disciplined by his supervisor.

Brad, CEO of the mission, also fancied himself a pastor, preacher/minister as well. While Brad was more of a servant than Steve, they were two sides of the same cruel coin! Steve was the type who would “punch you in the face” and explain why he did so.

Brad, on the other hand, would send a “hit man” to punch you never claiming responsibility for the attack.

Sitting here remembering those times, I cringe with sadness. I say that not out of self-righteousness. God forbid! I do so with the knowledge I was watching two (2) men who professed belief in a word they did not comprehend.

In your quest to live a life not intended for you, your damage will far outweigh any good you imagine doing.

Church Ministers Don’t Live Lies

A minister truly called by God doesn’t hide behind pretense or other false behavior.

We are the most transparent people you will ever meet. The thought of “living a lie” is abhorrent to us and we expose ourselves to God and His people.

There is something you should understand as well: most of us don’t want to be ministers! Yes, you heard it right.

Did God “call you” and command you to ‘go’, or did “you call God” in an effort to make a difference in the world?

Using Steve and Brad again — they called God and by their own admission, began the work after a life in corporate America. Both men “had their fill” of corporate success and felt empty.

They came to God, and the work, seeking to “matter” instead of presenting themselves as a “living sacrifice.”

The point is — seek the heart of Jesus Christ on whether to even go forward in a ministry pursuit! How can you righteously serve God while living a lie? A just life cannot be one not directed by spirit and truth.

A few decades ago, there was a contestant on American Idol named William Hung. During the audition, he sang “She Bangs.” His performance was positively awful.

William got the words right but his lack of singing gift made the audition a farce.

It was so awful, the judges stopped William in the middle of the song. Although he desired to be a singer, he was not given that gift by God.

On the other end of that spectrum is Whitney Houston. Her singing gift was so incredible, one would be hard pressed to find someone better, ever. For those who like country music, Whitney sang a rendition of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.”

It was featured in the 1992 movie The Bodyguard starring Kevin Costner and Whitney.

The point is: God gifts us for His Will. Anyone who steps outside His Will is not only dangerous to others but themselves as well.

Are you sure that becoming a minister of the gospel is what God is calling you to do? Is that interest from being ‘compelled’ by the Holy Spirit or is this a ‘passing’ interest?

I Know False Church Ministers Personally

I know several church ministers that I am 100% sure are NOT compelled by the Holy Spirit.

Again, “try those spirits whether they be of God or not.” I am anointed to “judge the righteous judgment.”

At the Denver Rescue Mission were former leaders in corporate America as well. One was the previously mentioned CEO: Brad Meuli. Brad believed his leadership in corporate banking qualified him to lead in the church.

Jesus Christ, whom he claimed to follow, did not believe such ‘previous experience’ was required.

Instead, He called twelve men, who had no relevant skill to launch a worldwide movement (church) and anointed them to lead!

Like Steve, Brad stood up in front of the entire company and delivered sermons. As the CEO, he certainly had the authority to do so. The question becomes: was he ‘preaching’ by his own authority or God’s?

Several ‘called preachers’ at the company had the same testimony: “Brad had words but no power.” Here is the struggle — God has blessed the Denver Rescue Mission under Brad’s Leadership! I have seen it personally.

However, he will NEVER accept God is “blessing not because of him, but despite him.” Do you truly want God to bless something “in spite” of your disobedience?

Brad was more believable than Steve, however.

He was more eloquent and obviously educated. Brad was the upper-middle class kid from the suburbs, and Steve the inner-city street brawler.

African American employees compared this partnership to that of a ‘slave master’ and the ‘plantation overseer.’

The slave master was considered a ‘gentleman,’ better educated, spoken, and presentable than the lower-class overseer. If there was ever the archetype of both a slave master, and plantation overseer, Brad and Steve were it.

Nevertheless, while Brad had traits Steve lacked, he had no more power speaking God’s Word than Steve.

You cannot “fake” an anointing that God never provided!


What I have said here I know to be true, and I have the physical documentation to prove it. It isn’t my intent to down talk anyone, but the truth must be testified of!

The Apostle Paul did the same by naming people, in his epistles, that had run afoul of the Lord Jesus.

Knowing this — when you are out of place and desiring to be a minister when God said no such thing, someone will be writing of your damage someday as well.

Talk to Jesus and ask for guidance.

You know what my greatest fear is: that I am also harming someone by walking in something I am not called to! No, I am not talking about Preaching as a Minister. I have never been so comforted in my ‘call’.

This doesn’t mean I am ‘comfortable.’ What will you do? Are you bold enough to ask the question to God?

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