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Showing Honesty with God Takes Courage

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Showing honesty with God takes courage so why are Believers not more courageous?

Being Honest with God Means Being Honest with Self

How will you show honesty with Jesus without first being honest with yourself? Too often, we are stuck in a place of lies and then pretend to be honest.

Remember what the scripture teaches: “no lie is of the truth.”

As I continue from a previous article on sharing personal testimonies, we learned about “some vessels being created for honor and others dishonor.” In 2nd Timothy 2, the Apostle Paul is teaching a disciple named Timothy this concept.

The question each of us must ask God is which category do we fit into — honest or dishonest? This is more a question about what we do versus who you are.

As you push through your ministry assignment, it is critical to transparently go before the Lord while seeking His guidance.

This guidance is what led me to create this platform for my brother and sister Prophets. I am a vessel created for “honor,” so in believing that I must seek to honor others more than myself (as scripture teaches).

I don’t know any other way to honor anyone other than sharing the Word of God.

Demonstrate Honesty and Courage Through Faith

Like the Prophets of old, my/our mission is to: “cry loud and spare not, lift up my voice like a trumpet and tell (God’s) people their sins, and the house of Jacob it’s transgressions.”

This scripture, in Isaiah 58, constantly challenges me with which I challenge others as well.

Some will say: “that is some Old Testament stuff,” especially with the mention of the House of Jacob. I remind those, however, that scripture also announces that we, former

Gentiles: “are wild olives grafted into the natural branch.”

That natural branch is Israel — being thus adopted then, how are we not also of The House of Jacob? Further, the ministry of Ezekiel chapter 3 was laid upon us as well.

That text tells the Prophet to: “tell them (God’s people) whether they will listen or not, because they are a stick necked people.”

I have known from the early days of my call, it is not like that of most church leaders. This does not insinuate that I am different from everyone else. God forbid! There are true Prophets in the office of “Pastor” beyond me surely.

God placed them leading His people, yet they are a bit misguided pretending to possess the ‘burden of a Shepherd.’ Although I serve in the office of a Pastor, my gifting lies in the pleadings of the Prophet.

As was true in the Holy Bible, so it is now — those who announce God’s judgment are shunned by the church. Most often, the shunning does not come from the sheep rather their leaders.

Check out what a leader told the Prophet Amos 7:12-13:

So how do you respond after being rejected by those who called themselves former friends? This is the challenge most face and why they withhold life changing truth from others.

People want to be called “courageous” without incurring ‘risk.’ There is no better way to be truthful before God than being exactly what He created you to be!

Courageous Christians are Rejected by Christians

I have seen, firsthand, how the bold among the Saint are rejected. I now understand why they are.

One issue with my fellow Prophets outside the body, is they hurl ‘grenades’ into the church while rarely attending.

Sure, we have all manner of excuses as to why, but none survive the test of truth.

The reason for this lack of attendance from “voices crying in the wilderness” is past rejection from local Pastors.

Such shunning takes on the form being called crazy, belittled, and other lies.

Further, the Prophet cannot be subject to a Pastor, biblically, so these relationships rarely end well.

The Lord has been merciful to me however, and as one of His chosen vessels to exhort leaders in righteousness. I now have a ‘front row seat’ to church culture. What I have seen helped me understand why God placed me in the role of Pastor while remaining “me.”

As Ezekiel when he poked a hole in the wall of the temple, I have seen Pastors do unmentionable things to God’s people.

While we have been placed in the “office” of Pastor, God isn’t seeking to change our ‘core strength.’ He created us to be “blood letters” but too often, we confuse “who needs to bleed.” Prophet — if you are so assigned, watch His people but confront wayward shepherds!

Why are you trying to fit into that “corrupt preacher” culture which is swallowing you up?

Serving as a Pastor has been most difficult for me. Not because of burn-out, abuse by church congregants, or long hours either.

I am afraid, every day, of harming God’s people.

Not fear as the world knows it rather fear of the Lord. However, when it comes to those Jesus Christ called ‘hirelings’, well that is another story. This points out that even if you have doubts, take them to Jesus Christ.

The difficulty lies wrestling with my Prophetic calling while watching church leaders up close. Even with such difficulty I am grateful to Jesus. Should this Pastorate end tomorrow, He allowed me to serve Him in a way few of ‘us’ get to!

Allow Your Sense of Injustice to Strengthen You

Where God-called Pastors (by gifting) have an over-abundance of grace, we have a ZEAL against injustice. The Prophet, real ones anyway, have an intense sense of “justice.”

When injustice rears its head, the zeal of God called Prophets waxes HOT! For instance, recently the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided former President Donald Trump’s home.

God’s Word on seeking justice:

I am neither a Democrat nor Republican believing both wicked! However, former FBI Director James Comey got on television, in front of the world, and admitted Hillary Clinton did something illegal.

Sure, he softened the language a bit but the result was the same. Why wasn’t Hillary Clinton raided in New York then? God’s justice, the righteous justice, demands both Hillary and Trump be raided but only Trump was.

This is clear injustice and while Trump gets no sympathy from me — why has he been so persecuted for the last five (5) years? INJUSTICE!

To my brother and sister Prophets, the Holy Spirit has shown you the church is headed for an unmitigated disaster. Our shepherds have led God’s sheep into a lion’s den over the past 2 ½ years with respect to COVID19 response.

However, the time for pointing out their blindness, on this matter anyway, has passed. Their blindness will have consequences and we will not be immune either!

Honesty With The Lord Means Dependence on the Holy Spirit

I have learned three (3) overarching lessons in my journey leading God’s Sheep. First, they are not the issue, leaders are.

Second, the calamities brought on our people, by wayward shepherds, is our (Prophets) problem as well.

Finally (though not limited to of course), leading sheep takes total dependence on Holy Spirit guidance.

I admit to now, though not before Pastoring, sympathizing with the REAL Pastors. I possess no sympathy for those who are self-appointed and brought through the back door, however. For instance, a ‘pastor’ was installed in our city recently.

He came to the church as an associate minister pretending to desire only assisting the church’s new young Pastor. A few years later, the church rose up against their young Pastor and it isn’t hard to guess who replaced him after he was thrown out.

The issue was aggravated further when our church received an invite to this ‘hirelings’ Pastoral Installation Service.

On the invite, the congregation dared to offer Jeremiah 3:15 as the theme for their service:

May God have mercy on them for their demonic insolence.

Nevertheless, there exists God called Shepherds even among these wolves. I have seen them abused through no fault of their own. The greatest of them are starved, verbally abused, humiliated in front of their families and sometimes worse.

They stay dependent on the Holy Spirit, however. Whether Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher, or Deacon, you will be persecuted.

I offer this so you understand that not every Shepherd is wayward! I would guess twelve (12) in every twenty-four (24) are sent by God. The ‘back-end’ twelve are those Jesus Christ called ‘hirelings’ in the Gospel of John.

This is not to suggest, like David, John the Baptist, Jeramiah, and others, that real Shepherds do not have moments of struggle. However, they run to God through repentance.

Why am I telling you this?

So that we all understand that truth and honesty before God is often brutal, but it is still truth!

Lacking Patience is Sometimes a God Thing

One of our gifts should be ‘lack of patience for sin.’ If you are like me — we are impatient even with our own!

Pastors teach “those who lack patience lack God.” Local Pastors are the exact opposite in this area. Most tolerate sin, while feigning patience, even when it is visibly destroying their ministries.

We have heard their godless response when challenged in this area — “we just have to pray for them”. Then, out of the other side of their mouth, they preach “faith without works is dead.”

You must seek God’s timing upon returning Prophets and must demonstrate patience when called. It is not about being “afraid to speak” either! We do not suffer such hindrances in our ministries.

It is, nevertheless, about allowing the Holy Spirit to perfectly position you, in that perfect situation, to realize God’s perfect Will.

Case in point: how long did Jesus Christ allow Judas Iscariot to remain with Him before releasing him to “go and do what he must?”

If God calls you “back into the house” to lead His people Prophets — will you do so? Being honest BEFORE God requires understanding He is going to require more from you than wandering.

What will you do?

Header Image Courtesy of Public Co @ Pixabay

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