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Gino Jennings is Exactly What the Black Church Needs


I. Who is Pastor Gino Jennings

II. Why is Gino Jennings So Controversial

III. What do Other Pastor Think About Gino Jennings

Who is Pastor Gino Jennings

Pastor Gino Jennings is a oneness Pentecostal church leader who many find controversial. As a church leader, I hesitate to even refer to him as “Pastor” because his gifting is more of a John the Baptist Prophet style ministry. I will try to remain objective about Jennings as this article develops. However, I praise the Lord that such a man exists in the black church, and who is no coward as are 95% of black pastors that I know personally.

Jennings not only preaches in an uncompromising manner, but he also calls out critics both from within and outside the church. I was first introduced to Pastor Jennings around fourteen (14) years ago on YouTube. At the time, another man who proved less durable in the truth of Scripture, Pastor Tony Smith, was in public conflict with Jennings for “alleged” personal transgressions against scripture.

Truthfully, I do not know who was right in that spiritual skirmish. Nevertheless, many years later, the Lord has allowed Jennings to plant ministries all over the world and not compromising, while Pastor Tony Smith “went away backwards” (as he would say). Smith became a Black Hebrew Israelite leader. Further, Smith, and I supported him at one-time, has misled people. I hate that for Tony because he began “the race” on rock solid doctrine. I counted myself, and exchanged email conversations with him, as a follower before he lost his mind.

Why is Gino Jennings so Controversial

Here are six (6) reasons Jennings is so controversial:

1. He is an uncompromising preacher. As a Pastor, it is 100% true that if you do not compromise on truth, lifestyle, and holiness, other compromised leaders will criticize and become your enemy. You remember, like they did Jesus, right? I am often reminded of something God told the prophet Samuel after Saul’s rejection of God: “it is not you saw has rejected it is me”.

2. His stance on women’s role in the church. In some way or another, every person has biases which are simply not doctrinal. However, and as the greatest minds in theology always do, such people use scripture to support their un-doctrinal position(s). I will spare you a full apologetics case against Jennings’ “cherry picking” scripture to keep our sisters silent in the house of God. Nevertheless, I disagree with his position and pose this question: “why were women allowed to speak directly to the bridegroom (Jesus), yet are not allowed to speak to the bride (church)?”

3. Pastor Jennings is a “direct” communicator. In a world of lies, subtlety, and subterfuge, Gino Jennings is a breath of fresh air! He is one of the few men, in pulpits, that you are always sure of where he is coming from. Within the ranks of my clerical brethren, and being a direct communicator, personally, this leads to accusations of not showing grace or loving people. Yet none of these “accusers of the brethren” can biblically support why Jesus communicated so directly and was never accused of not loving us? Since disciple means “imitator”, why can’t we copy this trait of Jesus without being called unloving? Those who level these accusations are always, without exception, cowards in ministry.

4. Gino Jennings is a free man. His accusers, while leveling demonic accusations, miss what is most obvious – Pastor Jennings is a slave to no one except the Word of God! Jesus said: “if the son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed”. Jennings demonstrates what walking in that freedom looks like.

5. No one controls him. In clerical circles, if you refuse to be who others think you should, the price is being an outcast. Most have seen this ungodly “conformity” demonstrated by “whooping preachers”. Those who will not become a “black minstrel” by whipping deceived church members into a demonic frenzy, have fewer “church to church” preaching opportunities. I am honored to be rejected in this way. Jennings is the exact opposite of a black minstrel and is hated for it.

6. He believes the Word of God. Every other listed item leads to this or flows from it. Jennings is unlike any black preacher I have seen in my five (5) decades of life. Walking in this authority requires believing “every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”. It may appear that Preachers believe the Word, but most only believe it up to a point. If it costs them too much, that’s when they stop believing and become silent. Although they do not know, most are “jealous” because Pastor Gino believes what he preaches while they do not. Uncompromising people make all of us very aware of our shortcomings.

In summary, Pastor Gino is controversial because he dares to believe what he preaches and demands others do as well. Uncompromising men and women are always hated by those who have made a lifestyle of compromise. However, they are beloved by those of us who understand this is the only way to the Throne of God.

What Do Other Preachers Think of Pastor Jennings

What other Pastors think of Gino Jennings depends on their biblical worldview. Although the Holy Spirit produces unity and edification, the spirit of Satan produces the opposite. You may find it interesting that most who disagree with Jennings may not object to his view of scripture, they object to HIM, personally.

They are angry that he has the Holy Ghost boldness to speak in such a confrontational way. How do I know? All one needs do is look at the ministry of Jesus, Paul, and the other Apostles. Boldness will always result in people who are not so trying to destroy the righteous.

Based on personal experience with this resistance to Gino Jennings, here are some things other Preachers think:

1. Gino Jennings is crazy. This is always the allegation leveled my those who do not truly believe the Word of God. I recently suffered a devastating loss of friendship with a local Pastor who has been saying this very thing about me. In their cowardice and fear, and subsequent refusal to live free, people have blasphemed the Holy Spirit. Instead of praying for wisdom, and understanding, church leaders have walked away from God while believing they are serving Him. Didn’t scripture say: “a double-minded person is unstable in all their ways”?

2. Pastor Jennings needs to show more grace. This is one of the saddest parts of the resistance to the message of God’s man. His detractors have failed to understand: “whom the Lord loves He chastises”. The disconnect arises because weaker men church leaders do not believe God still sends “disciplinarians” (Prophets). In their deceived minds, only God disciplines (directly) and they announce - “we just got a pray for people and let God work that out”. Out of the other sides of their mouths, they remind us scripture teaches: “God is the same yesterday, today, and forever”. Huh? Blind leaders of the blind!

3. Gino is a bully. Speaking from personal experience, I have never met more subtle bullies than church Pastors. The most controlling church leader I have ever served under, was also the client humble. Being uncompromising does often present the image of a “steam roller” but with Jennings there is a difference: he is commissioned by God to “roll over” fake and cowardly preachers and Christians. He stands for God while, like the man I served under, they serve their own interests.

In summary, those which are not understood are relentlessly attacked. I totally get Gino Jennings and I recently told my wife: “I am so blessed to live long enough to see God raise a Prophet amid a backslidden black church to call us back to HOLINESS”! Praise the Lord for this black preacher: Gino Jennings.

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