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Being Judgmental is What Jesus Christ Told Us to Do

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Being judgmental is what Jesus Christ told us to do. Professed Christians can kick, scream, and get angry but this is the truth.

Isn’t Judging Others For Judging Wrong?

First, it is important to crush the myth we are never supposed to make a determination (judge) about others.

As was pointed out in a previous article, not judging others is a teaching of Jesus which never happened.

Quotes about being ‘judgmental’ are plentiful in scripture. Further, we live in a world where even the slightest hint of being judgmental is sure to release a firestorm of criticism from those being so judged.

This response from others becomes interesting because in saying: “we are not supposed to judge others”, THEY have JUDGED those who DO JUDGE are wrong! It is a totally unsustainable and hypocritical position.

In rebuking judgmental people, they have become judgmental themselves. Please, buy the mercies of God, re-read that.

Before His ascension to Heaven, Jesus Christ commanded His disciples with what has come to be known as ‘The Great Commission.’

This commandment says (Matthew 28:18-20):

This was one of the most well-known scriptures which encourages us to “judge” others!

What? Where does this speak about being judgmental?

I am glad you asked! When I look at the history of the world, it is impossible to dispute this ‘Great Commission’ is the greatest assignment ever undertaken. Unlike even the building of a world empire which can last just a few hundreds of years, this assignment has endured for two thousand (2,000).

Let’s review what the Bible really says about judging.

Jesus Told us to Be Judgmental of Others

As a Pastor, if I preach the gospel of Jesus, I am saying that He is the only way to get to Heaven. We can agree on that. By so preaching, I am declaring there is no other way and thus, Islam, Hinduism, and the other religions are false.

Jesus, having commanded people like me to so preach, has JUDGED that any other “way” is false.

On this issue, here is Jesus Christ in His own Words: “I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life. No one comes to the God accept through me.” In this statement, Jesus is disqualifying any other religion as valid.

Having done so, how is Jesus not being judgmental of other so-called truths?

He not only judged them deceptive, but later declared any other way accept Him is a fast ticket to Hell and the Lake of Fire. Again, if He commanded His followers to so preach, how is Jesus not giving us the “green light” to be judgmental?

Most of the Old Testament is focused on God’s Chosen people, the Nation of Israel. Beginning around Genesis chapter 12, if other nations were mentioned, it was in relation to their interaction with Israel.

God used Israel as His witness to the world.

This eternal view of Himself was communicated to the Prophet Moses, in Exodus, as “I AM.” Throughout the biblical narrative however, Israel refused to obey God’s commandments.

This ongoing refusal, resulted in God sending HIS Son Jesus to Israel first, and then to the rest of the world. Your personal testimony of this can change someone's life! Let me be clear, the New Testament Church has in no way replaced Israel as God’s Chosen People.

This false doctrine is known as ‘Replacement Theology’ and was first heaped upon the world by the Catholic Church.

Here is a great video resource on this:

It neither began with, nor is exclusive to Catholics either. Since the beginning of the church, humankind has brought what the Bible calls ‘Damnable Heresies’ into the faith. These heresies continue to this day.

Believers must confront them wherever preached. I, for one, have dedicated the rest of my life to confronting and correcting false doctrine.

This also means when my doctrine does not align with the truth of scripture, I expect to be so confronted as well!

The Word of God says: “Let God be true; and everyone else a liar.”

How We Judge Others Can Be Culturally Appropriate

We must remember that every culture has its’ own nuanced behavior, speech, and traditions. This extends into the DNA and health of people groups as well.

For instance, I once attended a funeral with co-workers who were white. Black funerals often take on a celebratory tone of sorts. I would not say we “party,” but it is more of a thanksgiving for the life lived.

At this funeral, I stood in the back of the church watching. As was usual, people were getting out of their seats and swaying to the music. My white co-workers began to look around and whisper among themselves.

On the drive back to our workplace, one said “WOW!” I asked her what this was in reference to. She replied: “I have never been to a funeral like that!” While such nuance is something many of ‘us’ do not notice, others do.

For those who do not understand what is going on, much less are brave enough to question, misunderstandings occur. My white co-workers “judged” that the funeral was different and their judgment was righteous.

They had never seen such a display at a supposed ‘solemn’ event.

The black church has become the fodder of jokes from both those within, and outside the culture. Further, our leaders have been marginalized as singing, sweating, lying, and womanizing thieves.

Some of this is true and some not so much.

This is when judgment becomes wrong and evil! When we judge someone from a place of ignorance, it is not according to God’s righteousness. This means others have not only been unrighteous judgmental, but many such statements should also be retracted.

Judging Others to Correct or Condemn?

Many say: “You should stop being so judgmental.” Anyone who allows such doctrinal non-sense to take hold in their spirit fails to understand the difference between a ‘judgment of condemnation’ and the ‘judgment of correction.’

The judgment of condemnation offers: “You are no good, you are finished, and there is no hope.” The judgment of correction is what Jesus Christ demonstrated with the adulterous woman by saying: “go and Sin no more.”

acknowledged she had sinned, yet loved, corrected, and warned her before sending her away.

Further, Jesus’ Apostle to the Gentiles, Paul, offered this: “Although I am not present, I have already JUDGED in this matter.” Knowing this, if all judging is wrong, how can you raise self-sufficient and Godly children?

Any who have raised children, or grandchildren, understand much of the time is spent correcting (judging) them.

Righteous judgment and correction doesn’t hurt children or people. Its fruits are quite the opposite: it keeps them safe in God’s Will and society. Those who refuse to be kept safe through the judgment of a just society end up in prison.

Excluding those wrongly convicted, prisons and jails are the abodes of those who refuse to be kept safe within societal laws. The irony is in refusing the safety of freedom, they have opted for the most dangerous environment(s) known.

Another example of righteous judgment may not be readily noticeable to most. If you are corporately responsible for promoting subordinates, how can you select who is best without judging?

For those who felt they should have been promoted or given a raise, why did you become upset when YOU weren’t promoted?

Because you have JUDGED another person or corporation justly owes you something and hasn’t delivered. When searching for employment, how do you decide which jobs to apply to (or not)?

For Believers, Jesus commanded us to “not cast your pearls before swine.” How can you know who is swine without judging? No need to beat that horse to death, you get the point.

Judgment lies at the heart of a free, just, and safe society yet we have Christians saying to be so kept is wrong?

These questions, properly answered through biblical study, will lead to the righteous judgment of correction.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the judgment of ‘condemnation.’ Condemnation is a final decision concerning someone’s future disposition. An example of this occurs when a judge (or jury) sentences someone to death.

To throw someone away and determine there is no more hope for them is above my “pay grade.” I am more worthy of death than most so far be it from me to judge someone more worthy than I.

This is the confusion beloved. We assume correction and condemnation is the same thing. Is sentencing a woman or man to three (3) years in prison for crime worse than sentencing them to death for murder?

Here is the Scripture Used to Fool God’s People

Matthew chapter 7, verse 1–7 does not teach we are to NEVER judge. Instead, it points out we should be in a right relationship with God before doing so.

In addition to this, read Romans chapter 2 to get a clearer picture of righteous judgment.

This is the biblical text which ignorant Christians use to chase accountability out of God’s Holy places of worship.

For instance, we must JUDGE the difference between a ‘pastor’ and a ‘God’ sent Shepherd.’ A God sent Shepherd is a Pastor, but pastors (especially the self-appointed) may not be God sent Shepherds.

As a matter of biblical fact, Jesus described these impostors as ‘hirelings,’ and said they do not care for sheep but are cowards. Many are sincere in their desire, but that sincerity does not equal righteousness!

Read Jesus’ owns Words of the matter:

Not to be argumentative but if Jesus didn’t want His disciples to recognize false preachers, why would He say this? Further, in so recognizing these false witnesses, how can any do so without discernment?

In developing Holy Ghost discernment, the end in mind is JUDGING! What else is spiritual discernment useful for besides judging?

Those who assist the local church leader must have keen senses of discernment. They must also have strong enough faith to confront (judge) wayward leaders. A keen discernment means you must be righteously judgmental when called for.

Further, a real Believer must be prepared to be righteously judged by others as well. To forsake righteous judgement is to forsake God and His commandments.

Next time someone calls you ‘judgmental’, smile and say — “you darned right!”


This subject literally deserves an entire book to unravel. “Nice” professed followers of Jesus have dome immeasurable damage to the faith with this false teaching. This is meets Paul’s definition of ‘demandable heresies’ surely.

More unfortunate is those who truly believe the Word of God, and apply righteous judgment are ridiculed and called un-Christian.

I once preached at a gay pride event. I, and others with me, were sharing the Bible with these lost souls. A “nice Christian” was out there as well and had a sign which condemned judging.

In her world, being nice to people is the way to win them instead of the kindness only found in truth.

She was so blind that she never recognized some who would otherwise listen took her deception as an endorsement to reject Jesus. She will answer for her eternal deception.

What God says is true and what you (or I) personally think or feel is irrelevant.

Take a look around at the escalating crisis in this country politically. Democrats are now calling Republicans domestic terrorists and Republicans believe they are the solution to the problem of the Democrats.

This, believed, on both sides is unrighteous judgment. Republicans never plead the cause of the poor in their rule and Democrats murder children in the womb. Which one is more right than the other?

According to scripture, this is a spiritual battle. There has never been, nor will ever be, a political solution to spiritual rot.

Why do you think Jesus ministered to Romans, Israel’s political oppressors, as well as Israel?

Header Image Courtesy of 3D Animation Production Company @ Pixabay

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