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Short Messages from Heaven to Save Your Sanity


Short Message on Remaining Humble

We have all suffered moments when our faith greatly wavered. If not, share your “secret sauce” with the rest of us! A Christian who has never suffered in faith is a unicorn. We all need encouragement to persevere and keep going. Being able to look at the positive side of things can be a great source of motivation. The right Words of faith can help you stay optimistic, no matter what hardships life throws your way.

God has a way of assuring that no matter how awesome we think we are, a humbling, by Him, is right around the corner. Most people have had moments when an event happened which revealed who we truly are. For instance, someone who thought they had superhero levels of faith, discovered Satan just hadn’t “pushed the right button” yet. Once this happens, we understand we have a long way to go!


There will be times when we need to push ourselves beyond our limits. When this happens, we will find that we are stronger than we could have ever imagined. Yet the strength, especially in these moments of weakness, is not our strength to begin with. If you argue with that, please read scripture. The Apostle Paul said: “therefore, when I am weak, HE is strong.”

Often, living a lifestyle of humility can’t happen until God has “humbled” us through exposure of weaknesses. Being humble will help us stay strong as we face difficulties in our lives. This is because we will realize we don’t know everything and can’t handle everything alone. This does not make us "weak" as the world teaches either!

Some try to handle perceived weaknesses in ministry assignments through chasing clerical religious degrees. Once advanced education is achieved, "pride" slips in and these sorts become useless in the Kingdom. Others forsake humility based on past ministry accomplishments, having forgot it was Jesus who provided the guidance and strength.

This puts us in a dangerous place where we are of little use to God and those who rely on us. You may not be aware of how many people rely on you, or how your actions affect them. Lack of humility harms that reliance within relational situations. It is important to remember that we are all different, and that we don’t know what someone else is going through. While it is important to give advice and support to others, it is also important to remember that we are different from each other. Humility well understands this and assists in both sympathizing and empathizing with others.

Message on Understanding Hope

You cannot see the future; you cannot control what will happen. Faith is the ability to trust what you cannot see, will eventually come to be. Even if is never does, the hope is what drives you forward. I have found nothing better than hope. As a Pastor, my hopes and dreams extend into the things I desire, yet God may not allow to come to pass. For instance, I have always had the faith that someday, I would achieve enough online success to better fund our congregation.

Recently, we began to get enough YouTube video views, and subscribers, to earn a little money for our fellowship. Yet this “hope” extends further than that! I don’t know if this will help raise donations but, again, what is better than faith and hope? This can be challenging, but it is life changing. Believing in things we may never see is crazy, to most, but I have found nothing more beautiful.

The Bible describes faith as: “the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1). Faith is a powerful thing. It is something that everyone should have. It is important to have faith in people, even though they may not have faith in themselves as well. Any who have raised children understand the importance of this.

Encouraging Devotional on Self-Confidence

There are many people who feel as though there is something wrong with them. They may feel as though they are not good enough, or that they don’t deserve to be happy. It can be challenging to find the strength to overcome these feelings. When we search the Word of God, scripture has a few things to say about who you really are. First, the Bible says: “and God made male and female.” Earlier, it says we were created “in His own image, and after His own likeness.”

If you believe God is all powerful, and He doesn’t make mistakes, creating you in His image must have been intentional. Therefore, if God is perfect, and He created you in His perfect image, you can’t be all that bad, right? Sure, the original sin of Adam and Eve “removed some of the shine.” However, there IS still shine! David declared he was: “fearfully and wonderfully made.” If that is true of David, and God said He is “no respecter of person”, it must be true of you as well.

You are enough because God said so. That is, unless you believe He makes mistakes. Many people find it helpful to remind themselves of all the amazing things about themselves. You might write them down, or simply use memory. It is important to accept who God made you, and what you were created to do. It is normal to experience low self-esteem from time to time. This momentary doubt should never hold you back from walking in Holy Ghost authority.

Remember: you are enough just as you are.

Exhortation on Trusting God for the Impossible

Someone once said: “if your mind can conceive something, then it is too small a thing for God to be bothered with.” Imagining the impossible is difficult because we live in these little “God boxes.” We lock God up and wonder why He isn’t moving in a spectacular way. What is that big dream you have which will further the Kingdom of God? I didn’t say: “what do you want God to do for you.” False prosperity preachers have deceived millions with this “name it and claim it” nonsense.

They suppose God to be a vending machine of sorts. Just put the right amount of change (prayer) in, and out pops your heart’s desire (snack). Here is what they will not tell you, and why so many have been disappointed by their lies. God is not going to provide something which will destroy you but Ha Shatan (Satan) will. There are many people who have low expectations of God and end up accepting things that are not true.

This is the lure of false preachers promising things God didn’t promise.

It can be challenging to have high expectations of yourself. We can’t live up to them, and when we “come short of God’s Glory”, condemnation sets in. It is possible to achieve incredible things with perseverance and a positive attitude focused on the Lord! God’s Word said: “with people it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” It is important to believe in the impossible because impossible is only relative to you.

Even if you cannot see something happening, it is still possible for it to happen. We must remember it is written in scripture (and back to trusting in the unseen): "for what is impossible with people, is possible with God."

Even Negative Thoughts Have Purpose

I know that title is a bit surprising. However, many say never to think negative things. As a Pastor, I warn you against listening to such nonsense. Negative thinking doesn’t have to determine outcomes, but it is valuable for critically thinking. Negativity is a part of sin inherent in us. Although you must not remain there spiritually, learn the lessons of “negative” thinking, and apply it to Godly outcomes.

If you think about it, how did you ever come to salvation in Jesus Christ without believing the negativity of sin in your life? Sin is negative, hurtful, and needs relief. Further, it is important to have faith in yourself. You are enough as you are; you do not need to change or improve on something that is already blessed by God.

However, you must be willing to change and accept things that are ungodly (real negativity). When ungodly thinking occurs, do not dwell there too long. In medical science (of the mind), there is a word for dwelling in such a place too long - depression.

Keep Breathing Under Water

There will be times in life when you feel you cannot go on. It may seem like there is no way to get over a challenge that you are facing. It is important to remember that there will be times when you will feel as though you have lost all hope. Being "spiritually" underwater is a common occurrence in life. Whether behind on bills, struggling to regain footing in a relationship, or other, things often seem to "force our heads below the spiritual surface" (of the living water of Jesus Christ).

However, it is crucial to remember that “snorkels” aren’t always meant for deep sea diving. Snorkels allow people who are just below the surface of water, to still breath. You may be just under the surface in the spirit, but don’t forget your snorkel, whatever it is. It could be getting away for time alone. It could also be severing relationships which have become unhealthy. Most of all, the Christian Church's snorkel should always be prayer!

It is important to keep in mind that you are not alone in these moments, and there is a way out. The most important thing to remember is that you can get through whatever the issue is. You do not need to be discouraged by the things that are happening around you. It is important to remind yourself of the reason why you are pursuing your goals.

Keep breathing, no matter what!

Lose Your Temper Like Jesus

Losing one’s temper is actively discouraged. However, the Bible says being angry is OK. It does warn: “be angry and do not sin because of it.” The anger which is wrong, is that which is not focused on the righteousness of God.

Jesus Christ became angry with the religious hypocrites of His day. Once, He chased them out of God’s House. Anger has a unique purpose in your life and with your spiritual wellbeing. God gets angry as well. Remember, I reminded you that you were “created in the likeness and image of God.” This includes emotions as well. The Bible says: “God is angry with the wicked every day.”

It is a beautiful, and Godly thing to be angry at wickedness. Not at the “person” being wicked, rather their actions. While others will tell you to not lose you temper, I say something much different. Have you ever seen something on television so unjust and wrong, you yelled at the television?

That is RIGHTEOUS anger!

Children being murdered in school makes one righteously angry. It is important to be patient with yourself and others, however. We are all here for a reason, and we all deserve good things. It is important to remember that you can overcome any challenge that you are facing. You do not need to let anyone, or anything stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. It important to remember that you are allowed to be negative about something or someone.

As I close, focus on the things you can’t see, and praise God when you receive them!

Header Image Courtesy of Gerd Altmann @ Pixabay

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