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Is the Scientist Atheist Carl Sagan in Hell?


Many have asked the question is eminent scientist atheist Carl Sagan in hell?

Introducing Scientist Atheist Dr. Carl Sagan

Is the scientist Carl Sagan in the pit of hell? In a previous article, we asked the same question about Dr. Stephen Hawking who needs no introductions.

This is a question that I constantly ask myself when faced with those who die without faith in Jesus Christ.

Carl Sagan was an eminent 20th-century scientist. He was the most well-known scientific “communicator” of the 20th century. Dr. Sagan had professorships at such prestigious universities as Harvard and Cornell.

There are other professed scientists who one can quickly dismiss such as Bill Nye who some know as the ‘Science Guy’. I say “dismiss” meaning not to be taken seriously.

However, Dr. Sagan was someone to be taken seriously. For instance, before any space probe had gone to one (1) of Saturn’s moon, Titan, Dr. Sagan predicted it was covered with methane filled lakes.

Dr. Sagan was proven right!

He also said something I, as a Theist, and Preacher of Jesus, totally agree with although not for the same reasons: “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

However, Dr. Sagan believed in an unscientific and unproveable theory as well. This is the theory of "evolution." This posit does have evidence but not the "extraordinary" kind demanded by Sagan and others.

Science has a process called "the scientific method" by which they claim to establish fact from fiction.

The dictionary defines the scientific method as: “a coherent group of propositions formulated to explain a group of facts or phenomenon in the natural world and repeatedly confirmed through scientific processes and observation.”

The theory of evolution doesn’t meet the measure of solid science because it hasn’t been proven by this definition.

To be more frank: Sagan, and his disciples, demand Theists produce a level of proof which they have yet to.

Within that theory of evolution (or vice versa), is another called The Big Bang Theory.


This theory posits that everything in the visible universe began as an energetic singularity which exploded and created everything.

This event couldn’t stand up to the scientific method because it can’t be observed much less tested. When lacking the ability to test scientific processes, scientist fall back on observational evidence only.

Although it would be folly to suggest that observational evidence isn’t science, it certainly doesn’t definitively prove evolution or the Big Bang.

Dr. Sagan and the Big Bang Theory

Scientists used to make me righteously hostile for summary dismissal on matters of faith. However, I conducted what they defined as a “thought experiment” of my own.

For instance, they believe in the Big Bang, but have no idea where the energy singularity causal event originated.

Carl Sagan worshiper and life-long devotee, Neil de Grasse Tyson, said this energy singularity was real, but failed to explain who, or what, brought it into existence.

Why are great scientists being so un-scientific and violating their own clearly defined scientific method?

The answer is uber-simple: they worship their own ‘god’ of science which is built on their own brand of ‘faith. As Mr. Scrooge would say: “Bah Humbug!”

The Big Bang and Evolution not only violate scientific methods, to believe in them shows a surprising leap of (gulp) FAITH!

The Bible describes faith as (Hebrews 11:1):


Wouldn’t faith be the opposite of the scientific theory/process? No, not really.

For instance, Dr. Sagan posited there was methane lakes on one of Saturn’s moon’s, Titan, before it was ever proven. He looked at the moon and came up with observational evidence later proven correct.

He saw a “footprint in the sand” and took a leap of faith that someone had walked there per se.

Although his observations were based on previously established science, his evidence still had to be validated. Between the time of observation and validation, Sagan “believed absent confirmation” that his posits were true.

Whether Theist, Atheist, or Agnostic, that pie can be sliced into six (6) pieces or eight (8), it still tastes the same. Dr. Sagan had faith he was right based on something he witnessed.

How is that any different than Theists, after "observing" created phenomenon, coming to the conclusions we have?

Where Will Dr. Carl Sagan Spend Eternity?

Let’s get to the question of where Dr. Carl Sagan, and more recently, Dr. Stephen Hawking, will spend eternity. Although more Christians than I can count have cast these men’s souls into hell, I wouldn’t go that far.

Let me explain.

There is a two-letter word which determines not only Sagan and Hawking’s eternal destiny, but of anyone who has ever lived: if.

Dr. Ravi Zacharias is a well-known Christian apologist. He, and his ministry, travel all over the world pleading the cause of biblical creation and matters of biblical faith. They mostly debate atheists in higher education forums.

Almost without exception, those Dr. Ravi confronts with the truth of Scripture, put forth the theory of evolution to rebut the Holy Bible. Let me not confuse the reader with respect to who first put forth the theory of evolution: Satan!

Both science, Theists, and the entire world give too much credit to he who recorded Satan’s deception: Charles Darwin.


Using his demonic power of suggestion, Satan recruited Darwin, an eminent 19th-century scientist, to deceive the entire world. It is also of note, especially to Believers, that as with the serpent’s suggestion to Eve, there must be some truth in “evolution.”

Here is the interaction (Genesis 3:1-5):


Fellow Believers must accept there is some truth to a few principles of "evolution." You believe by totally dismissing this process, you are serving God but this is false.

As you know, and as with Eve & Adam above, Satan's greatest deception often have truth within them.

For instance, Young Earth Creationist believe they are serving God by dismissing the fact Earth may be billions of years old. As someone on my way to completion of a PhD in Christian Apologetics, some of their "science" and beliefs are based on bad premises.

In trying to combat “bad science”, they have become deceivers with respect to “good science. I mean, seriously, even evolutionary skeptics (like me) must see the Earth is not a mere 6,000 years old.

To believe the Earth is, just as an example, 500 million years old doesn't mean I believe in Evolution!

It simply points out that even scripture, in Genesis 1, indicates the Earth (as a planet) was already present when God began creating!

Why Does Anyone End up in Hell?

In a moment of total transparency, when I was first saved, I was what the Bible referred to as a novice in the faith.

I took a legalistic approach to scripture and this led me to believe that almost everybody was going to hell (except me of course).

However, and through the grace of Jesus Christ, I now understand that salvation is a gift which we cannot work for. Scripture says: “it is by faith that you are saying; it is a free gift of God and not of works lest any should boast”.

Although science has poisoned the minds of millions, that isn’t why they, or anyone, would end up in hell.

I believe science has much to offer this world beginning with the world being established on its principles (physically anyway). I argued God is science in a recent article to this effect.

However, all who inhabit hell are there for one reason, and one reason only: they didn’t accept the gift of salvation. This gift was “purchased” through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

You might have heard this offer presented like this (John 3:15-17):


Life-long Atheists, such as Dr. Sagan, have lived their lives believing there is no God. It is difficult to believe, at the end, they would change their minds.

Watch the video and hear directly from Sagan on faith:

I have never, in all my ministry years, heard how people without faith are going to sound when God asks them why they didn’t believe!

So, we are back to the original question: is Dr. Carl Sagan in hell? According to Scripture, if he didn’t accept Jesus Christ as Savior, YES. Both he and Dr. Hawking are burning, and screaming alive forever in the lake of fire.

However, Jesus died for their sins and even on their deathbeds, they could have accepted Him, even privately, as their Savior.

Sagan’s wife said, however, he died “not believing in myths and fairytales.”

Quick Case for Atheism

Unlike most of those I walk with in this faith, I see legitimate points in atheism. Atheism means: “against theism.” Theism believes in a sovereign, omniscient, and omnipotent being that as the causal force for creation.

I can certainly understand why someone, especially Dr. Carl Sagan, desires more proof than faith offers. But I push back with the science he believes is largely based on faith as well. This is not to say religious faith either.

However, faith is believing something absent the ability to concretely prove it. As was pointed out earlier, the Big Bang must be based on observational evidence only.

If it is based on observational evidence, and cannot prove and through sciences repeatable process, how is it fact?

It is not no matter who says! Sagan's credentials, accomplishments, and even fame are not predicates for truth. As he would say: "extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence."

His extraordinary claims, with respect to both the Big Bang and Evolution, requires extraordinary scientific evidence which he simply has not produced!

Nevertheless, I came to faith through a logical process of elimination. I did have some emotional experience like most. I examine what Scripture said, compared it to what science said, and determine faith the more reasonable position.

Where atheism runs into trouble, is misunderstanding what theist really believe. For instance, Dr. Sagan made a false statement in the video above. He said the Bible is “figurative” and not "literal."

Well, both are true and the text is not an "either/or" proposition.

He also said: “most people in religion don’t have a problem with us evolving from other creatures.” That was disappointing because the opposite is true. The theists position is: “we have a common creator not a common ancestor.”

He was right, at least with me, in saying the earth is billions of years old. I believe that an Genesis chapter 1 suggests the same.

See for yourself (Genesis 1:1-4):

When we read this, we find out that there was some form of biomatter and/or material present when God began to create. At minimum, water was present!

This does not say God did not create this in some distant past, only he didn’t create water at that moment.

When I offered, as a title, the case for atheism, it simply denotes I understand why they believe what they do. However, what I do not understand is they claim to operate on logic, but come to such illogical conclusions.

That is like saying you can walk down the right road and in up at the wrong destination or walk down the wrong road and end up at the right destination.

Science Better Wake Up

The conclusion to this entire matter is simple: either atheists are right, or theist are.

Someone much smarter than I said it best: “I can afford to be wrong because it costs me nothing. An atheist cannot afford to be wrong because if they are, they will lose everything.”

The good news is there are scientists who are believers and strike the perfect balance between faith and science. It is my belief that such a person exists in my own household.

Nevertheless, although I feel terrible for those who have refuted the theistic position, died, and are paying and eternal price, there is collateral damage as well.

What about those people who depended on science to answer this eternal altering question and were wrong?

The fault is their own!

It is easy to look around at the chaos, evil, and destructive nature of humankind and doubt a righteous and moral God exists.

But this observation is actually the largest testament to the existence of a righteous and holy God. Here is the question all must answer: “how can there be so much evil yet good still exists?”

I will spare you the good versus evil debate and get straight to the point.

There are only two possibilities here: either evil existed first and good arose to counter it. Or, good existed first, and evil rose to counter it.

My theistic worldview is the former and not the latter and here is why. The universe, although somewhat violent, possesses too much beauty for something malevolently evil to have created it.

Evil is ugly, and incapable, by its very nature, of any beauty much less creating it.

On the other hand, good is fully capable of creating beauty we see. If, then, there does exist both good and evil, and if I agree that beauty must’ve come from good, I must then ponder where good came from.

I am not here to answer that question. By now, it is impossible to not know my view.

However, the price is much too high for anyone to believe that good exists and didn’t come from somewhere or something.


If this article overcomplicated the issue of heaven and hell, I apologize. Of course, that was not my intent.

However, there is one thing for sure: if Carl Sagan died believing what he believed, I guarantee you he’s burning and scream live forever in the lake of fire right now. I say that with no pleasure because God’s word reminds us (Ezekiel 33:11):


It doesn’t matter how good a man you believe Carl Sagan was. As a Preacher and Pastor, I, to, believe he was a great man!

Nevertheless, “great” is not the same as “righteous.” It takes accepting that Jesus Christ came to Earth to save you from your wickedness to be considered righteous before God. I know this sounds like a totally sectarian statement.

Yet what it sounds like is irrelevant to whether its truth. Again, and in integrity, I cannot prove God is real.

However, and like scientists, I look around at the observational evidence and can come to no other conclusion.

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