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Can a Woman Serve in Church Leadership?

Updated: Jun 17, 2023


Can a Women Serve as Church Leaders

The answer to if a woman can serve as a leader, is “it depends”. Let’s get the obvious out of the way immediately: no, a woman cannot serve as the Pastor of a congregation. Well, at least according to the Holy Bible. I will provide just a few biblical based scenarios which not even the brightest female church leaders, and their male supporters, can theologically answer in support of their “claim”.

First, did the Lord God ever abolish the Genesis 3 hierarchy of family leadership? In chapter 3, following the disobedience of Adam and Eve, God pronounced judgment upon them. Part of Eve's judgment was that she would experience pain in childbirth, and that he would rule over her.

This clearly teaches that Eve's role would be one (1) of submission to her husband's leadership. Let me be clear: no woman is required to follow the leadership of a husband not aligning with God’s Will! This judgment introduced a power dynamic where the husband would take on a position of authority, and the wife would follow. This is irrevocable until the Day of the Lord, and the reset of a fallen creation.

Here are several theological constants with respect to this judgment:

1. Scripture never teaches it was set aside. The unexplainable issue female Pastors struggle through is whether they have “spiritual authority” over husbands. There is no biblical text teaching the power dynamic of the Genesis three (3) judgment was given a “special dispensation” if the Lord called a female to lead.

2. “Grace” does not supersede family order. With respect to congregational authority, no theological explanation is provided by these heretics on God commanding a “woman to lead the family”. Since ministry begins at home (1st Timothy 3), how can a woman then lead the House of God? Is her husband the so-called “priest of the home” and she the “priest of the church”? So, now God ordained a co-equal power sharing arrangement? Where is this located in scripture? For wayward women reading this, let me guess: “I don’t care what you say, I know what God told me”! If I had a dollar for every time I heard this WEAK defense of theological position.

3. The Day of the Lord has not occurred yet. All things will reset when Jesus comes back, slays His enemies with the “Word of His mouth”, and makes “all things new”. This will no doubt include resetting the roles of men and women as originally intended. However, since, according to Jesus, there will be no “marriage” in the Kingdom of God, there will be no individual families, only the entire Family of God. This is known as the “Bride of Christ” in scripture.

In summary, God did not send any woman to Pastor a local congregation. He said: “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my Word never will”. Those who claim God allows this "exception" are calling Him a “liar”. As Jesus said: “they are blind leaders of the blind”.

Why Do Women Serve as Pastors

Women serve as Pastors because they either do not know God’s Word or refuse to believe Him. In effect, they claim God is a LIAR! There is no other option, theologically, because either the Word is untrue, or their interpretation is false. My money is on the latter. I know many, personally, and to a woman, and each believes something contradictory to the very Bible they claim to love.

These sisters are always supported by powerful men who obviously care nothing for them. Further, these men have gone to great lengths to encourage these silly women into a place endangering their soul. Why? Because men understand how totally “thirsty” these deceived women are for approval. They often work harder than their male counterparts, and lure other women into the nets for these wolves to feast on! As scripture teaches: “these are the sorts who lead captive silly women who possess various lusts”.

Here are several more reasons for their wanton disobedience:

1. They confuse the call of a Prophet and that of Pastor. More on this in the next section. However, having introduced this concept to silly women, their stunned look(s) indicate they had no idea of the difference in Ephesians 4 governing offices.

2. Sister preachers confuse “tenderness” with anointing. Most have no idea there exists a difference between “charisma” and “anointing”. Charisma, although a gift, is not the anointing, itself, because most God-called Preachers do not possess it. I include myself in this number! Our sisters have a “motherly” gift, which exudes tenderness, and people are drawn to them. Put more simply – people who follow them have “mommy issues” or have been hurt by men. Too many so-called Christians associate women’s “equality”, as the world views it, with kingdom equality which are vastly different.

3. There is continuity with the message of female suffrage. Locally, there is a female leader who twists every challenge directed her way (from men) as an issue of worldly equality. I confronted her with this question: “why do you turn every challenge to your bad doctrine into an issue of being attacked because you are a woman”? She, of course, had no answer other than vitriol. They always struggle with men who are the opposite of their husband’s personality: strong.

In summary, women make it into church leadership for several reasons. Chief among these is they do not truly believe the Word they preach. If so, it would become evident they (if called anyway) are Prophets, not local Pastors.

What Church Leadership Role Can Women Hold

The biblical role a woman can hold is that of a Prophetess: a female Prophet. There is ample biblical evidence that the Lord God called them to this leadership role, if not that of a local Shepherd/Pastor. There is not one (1) biblical text which hints women should Pastor their husbands, lead male Deacons, or local congregations (long term).

However, the office of a Prophet is somewhat different. Here are examples of our Sister Prophets in the Holy Bible:

1. Miriam (Sister of Moses the Prophet): Exodus 15:20-21 - Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron. In this passage, she is explicitly referred to as a Prophetess. After the Israelites crossed the Red Sea and witnessed the destruction of Pharaoh's army, Miriam led the women in a celebratory song of praise and worship to God.

2. Deborah (Judge and Prophetess) Judges 4:4-5 - Deborah is introduced in Judges as a both a Judge and Prophetess in the Nation of Israel. This Preacher, and Warrior, held a position of leadership where both men and women sought her wisdom and judgment. Her prophetic role extended beyond delivering God's messages; she actively governed and guided the nation during a crucial period.

3. Huldah (Prophetess) 2 Kings 22:14-20 - Huldah was a prophetess during the reign of King Josiah in Judah. She provided insight and affirmed the truth of scripture in those days.

In summary, women have always been Prophets, used by God, but never local Pastors. The three (3) listed women, and Anna from the New Testament, serve as notable examples of biblical Prophets.

Will God Punish Women Pastors

Yes, God will punish women Pastors just as He will any sin. The answer to why God doesn’t stop women from Pastoring goes to the very heart of “the problem of evil”. Evil exists in the universe so therefore, Atheists do not believe a righteous, divine being exists. Like any act of wickedness, God allows it because people must make a choice “to serve Him” or not. What makes this issue so perplexing, is these women, being in direct conflict with God, believe themselves to be among His most faithful servants.

Having already explained the leadership office women are called to, it must also be noted that there are men serving who were not called as well. According to scripture, neither is better than the other, rather they are both headed for God’s judgment.

Here are reasons why God doesn’t stop these reprobate women (or their male supporters):

1. God gets glory anyway. the Bible says: “for we do know that all things work together for the good of them who love God and are called according to His purpose”. Make no mistake, even if an uncalled woman, or man, preaches Jesus and someone believes, that soul is still saved! Yes, there are leaders who having preached Christ, never having personally believed, die and go to Hell and the Lake of Fire.

2. These women will be without excuse. As Jesus pointed out, there will be many who, during judgment, tell Him: “Lord I preached in your name, healed in your name, and did many works for your Name.” Jesus will reply: “get away from me you who work evil, I do not know you”. Who do you think the Lord was referring to? FAKE AND UNCALLED PREACHERS! Since they claim to have known God’s Word, but refused to walk in it, they will go to HELL.

3. The Lord gave them over to their EVIL desires. Make no mistake, the Lord will give you what you want! Those who desire righteousness will be “filled” (according to Jesus). Those who desire evil will be served up a plate of wickedness as well. 2nd Thess. 2:10-12 indicates people will (and are) given over to their “strong delusions” because they will not receive the truth.

In summary, we serve a God of free will who allows us to carry out our hearts desire. Whether good or evil, it will be righteously judged. The wicked women lying on God, will be justly punished. As a Pastor, I know man and explaining what scripture says is literally like explaining Calculus to a two (2) year old! Further, men who “fake the call” will be justly thrown into HELL as well. If I be one (1) of them, this extends to my eternity as well.

Header Image Courtesy of Amonwat @ Pixabay

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