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This Pastoral Sermon Notes offering is six (6) life changing sermons on mental health and how God views our "cognitive" health. Mental illness is a "disease of reasoning" and was spoken of throughout the biblical narrative. Although this has been a "taboo" topic in the church for generations, it must be biblically addressed and Christians suffering its affects should be encouraged. Many of the greateast biblical figures struggled with these moments and today's believers do as well.


With eighteen (18) pages of "outline style" private Pastoral Sermon Notes content you will learn, in a theologically sound and doctrinally powerful manner, why mental illness happened to even the greateast biblical figures. They further teach what we, as Believers and the sufferers, can do when traveling down these roads of spiritual struggle. 

Sermons on Mental Health

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  • Your Private Pastoral Sermon Notes on Mental Health Downloads will:

    • Download by ZIP File to any device once payment is processed
    • Download link is contained in our "Thank you" email sent to the address you specify on the check-out page
    • Six (6) sermons containing eighteen (18) pages of outline style content
    • Delivered in "Word" document format for easy changes
    • No copyright is claimed or intended. Use these sermons however the Holy Spirit leads
    • Formatted for anywhere, anytime, and any device usability
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