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African American Religion Should Reject Democrats


Despite protestations to the opposite, African American religion should reject Democrats. They are no friend of Jesus Christ and hate what we stand for.

African American Religion Should Re-align with God

Democrats are simply viewed as the ‘lessor of two (2) evils. This is not to suggest I hold that worldview. Wickedness is wickedness regardless of whether its hand is extended to you or not.

The Black church and Democrats have a history stretching back almost 100 years. Prior to the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, Blacks were 90% Republican. This attachment to Republicans began with Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves.


I am not someone who believes Lincoln was some ‘friend’ to slaves either! History records his gesture as less than altruistic.

Slaves were freed for a much less ‘holy’ reason: MONEY.

Slave labor fueled the confederacy’s rise to financial power and later its war machine. Cut off ‘free slave labor’, win the war.

In Lincoln’s own words: “If I could save the union by not freeing a single slave, I would. If I could save the Union by free some and not others, I would. If I could save the Union by freeing all slaves, I would.”

True is the cliche: "with friends like THAT, you don't need enemies."

Democrats Manage Votes Through African American Leaders

Today, Democrats use African Americans to get elected while we have little to show for our loyalty. This relationship is effectively managed through African American Leaders.

Liberal Democrats have a history of using church leaders to curry favor with their congregants. Without ever saying so, the Black preacher's curtsy to these ‘good christians’ is the same as saying "yessa boss.”

Church Leaders who perform the bidding of their REAL master(s), not Jesus, are modern day buck dancers. Buck Dancing is a type of American folk dance which originated in the

Southern United States in the early 19th century. It incorporates soft tap dancing with musical instruments.

Slavery pushed this otherwise benign expressiveness to demeaning form.


White slave masters forced male slaves to dance for their entertainment. Within anti-bellum vocabulary, a ‘buck’ was a Black male slave who performed various functions from attending agriculture, to siring children with female slaves.

In a modern urban context, buck dancing is a Black male who does the bidding of the white power structure at the cost of personal dignity.

During my years in corporate America, I to ‘buck danced’ for whites. In return, I was often promoted because my ‘masters’ knew I would ‘keep the other slaves in line.’ I viewed myself as doing my job with equity.

A fellow preacher I worked with shared something I have never forgotten: “Man, these people (white folks) gave you this stuff to do their will. But God places people, through the evil of others, in places to lift other people up. Not beat them down like you are.”

My eyes were opened. Imagine the consequences of a ‘field negro,’ during slavery, confronting a ‘house negro’ about doing the master's bidding!

After accepting the truth came anger (of course). I was angrier at myself than him. Having prized the civil rights stance of Malcolm X over Dr. King, I was shamed into admitting I was a ‘House Negroes’ Malcolm spoke against.

No excuse. Full stop.

Leaders Sell God’s Sheep for a Price

Scripture teaches: “First, remove the beam from your brother’s eye, then you will see clearly enough to remove it from your brothers.”

The beam has been gone for many years so let’s get to it.

It is from having been a buck dancer that I now present why pastoral buck dancers are so dangerous. It is one thing to grovel and debase oneself for personal gain.

It is quite another to sell God’s sheep ‘for a price.’

Our Pastors have sold God’s people to abusers who care nothing for them. To willingly invite wolves into the sheepfold are the actions of a ‘hireling’ according to Jesus Christ.

One said: “Well, I don’t agree with everything they do.” Yes, you do! The Bible says: “how can two walk together unless they touch and agree”? Our vote puts these people in power to do their wickedness.

This makes us “accessories after the fact.”

To willingly offer pulpits to demonic politicians who perform child sacrifice is unconscionable! Child sacrifice is the correct description for ‘abortion.’ When the Democrat Party grip began to slip at the turn of the 21st century, suddenly, a ‘Black messiah’ appears.

President Barack Obama is no Liberal white politician.


However, is it credible to think a junior U.S. Senator, with no experience and BLACK became President with no white agenda behind it? Democrats knew that a black face would blind even Pastors to their agenda!

This is the whole tragic point Saints.

White Democrats know all they have to do is throw us a bone, pat us on the head, and we obey. As hard as it is to admit, we are ‘low information’ voters despite an exponential increase in educational accomplishments over the last thirty (30) years.

No doubt, President Obama tore down barriers which have existed since America’s founding in 1609. I had tears in my eyes the night of his acceptance speech in November 2008.

It is interesting that Obama was sworn in as the nation’s first African American President, exactly 400 years after (2009) its’ founding (Jamestown 1609).

Coincidence? Probably not.

Was it a coincidence that Bobby Kennedy said, in 1968, “in 40 years, a negro will be President?” In 2008, Obama was elected. Coincidence?

Probably not.

Pulpiteers Consistently Allow Democrat Exploitation

Something to be commended, were I of a carnal mind, is the remarkable consistency Black Pastors show in allowing this.

For instance, while campaigning in the 2016 Democrat Party primary, Bernie Sanders came to this city. Bernie is a Democrat Socialists. To simplify, he believes the governance model of the old Soviet Union is how America should govern itself.

I guess it doesn’t matter that communism has never been successful as a governing ideology. Is modern day China Communist? Of course not. Their brand of communism is just capitalism with the dictatorial control of communism!

However, Sanders has also campaigned on late term abortion rights. This ideology believe children should be murdered as late as the ninth month of pregnancy.

The biological material from these murders, known as stem cells, is used in cancer treatment and other drugs. If I could be clearer, Bernie stands for the very things we, as Believers, stand against. There is no need to provide a biblical defense of position.

What Believer can argue murder or homosexual marriages reflect God’s will?

The excuse: “we don’t support everything they do” is cowardice of the highest order. We, Pastors, say: “God assigned us the role of leading His people to green pastures to feed the sheep Doc.”

Yet, when leading the sheep to ‘poison’ pastures, we take no responsibility?

It is illogical to assume that two people, strolling down the sidewalk, are not agreed on direction.

If not, one (or the other) would stop and walk in another direction. This is best illustrated as someone’s decision to stop living in the world and begin to follow Christ.

Agreed so far?

Next, touching and agreeing is another component of walking together. As a Pastor, I assure you if we did not want these people speaking in our communities it would be known.

That these demonic people are allowed to speak from church pulpits is a "stamp of approval." There is no biblical way to avoid that conclusion.

How many times has your church leader allowed a Muslim to deliver a sermon? Few preachers agree with Islamic doctrine and therefore will not support it. If your pastor does (little 'p'), you need leave immediately.

That train is not bound for glory rather HELL!

Remember the Bible says:


During his 2016 campaign for President, Donald Trump was not invited. Why? Because Black Pastors did not agree with his politics. It makes sense, then, that politicians allowed to speak are agreeable.

It does not matter whether it be an implicit or explicit agreement, some form of agreement exists.

Your Pastor does not allow anyone they do not agree with (nor like), into their pulpits. Anyone who is invited, and given a microphone is agreeable to them.

Liberal Democrat politicians, who support gay marriage, and baby murder, must have been found agreeable or they would not speak. Please, by the mercies of God, rebut that position in the comments section!

Are We Ignorant of the Democrat’s Agenda?

There is another scenario much more disturbing. What if your church leader doesn’t know what they are allowing in? Low information Pastors are the most dangerous people in the kingdom!

The only way for them, and you, to truly know what (and who) you are voting for is to review their legislative votes. This requires actually READING bills which are proposed and passed into law.

Yes, I do this when interested by how many of US really do so? President Joe Biden just signed a bill into law called the "Inflation Reduction Act."

When even a Democrat party fan reads the law, they will laugh!

It isn't about reducing inflation at all - quite the opposite! But they know WE don't read such published works.

The Bible tells us: “If you bid an evil doer Godspeed, you are a partaker in their evil deeds.” Let’s examine that, and package it with ‘walking together’ as discussed earlier. By allowing God-hating, white liberal Democrats access to God’s Sheep, leaders have wished them ‘god speed.’

It doesn’t matter whether this agreement is explicit or implicit – agreement is given by providing ‘platform.’ This means Pastors are not only wishing them success but are also rallying support for their agenda (which is unholy).

I am neither Democrat nor Republican.

Those who believe one party is better than the other are misinformed and/or worse, willingly ignorant. Republicans hate Black people and Democrats hate Black babies. Why are abortion clinics most prevalent is black communities if they love you so much?

Further, Democrats have been the driving force behind laws which unfairly impact Black communities.

The best known of these is Democrat President Bill Clinton's "3 strikes and you're out" law.

When these actions are compared to the Righteous standard in God’s Word, there are only two conclusions possible. First, our leaders, claiming to see God’s Word, are as blind as those they lead. The proverbial “blind leaders of the blind."

Second, they are willingly going along with wickedness for the sake of personal power and prestige.

Most are Blind Leaders of the Blind

Why would church leaders willingly do this?

Jesus described these sorts the same way:


In fairness, and being a Pastor, with almost unlimited access to Pastoral brethren, 80% are completely ignorant of the Democrat agenda. All they know is: "Republicans hate them and Democrats love them."

Further, Democrats shower Black Pastors with attention and make them feel special.

Just as the master patted slaves on the head and said: “good boy,” modern day

Democrats politicians do the same.

It isn’t that Democrats care more than Republicans, they just seem more ‘interested’ in our plight.

The interest, no matter how fraudulent is an aphrodisiac to deceived church leaders.

I know a Pastor who rarely participates in fellowship with other churches in the city. However, during election cycles, when white politicians call, he: “tap dances better than Gregory Hines.”

Just like those who came before, Massa pats him on the head, tells Pastor what a good boy he is and laughs at him later!

This, to me, isn’t even a question of Holiness. Clearly, such leaders don’t identify with it. It speaks more to total lack of self-respect. What kind of man allows another, who hates them, to exploit them and receive nothing consequential in return?

Further, I guess Jesus was wrong when He offered: "A little leaven destroys the whole lump."

I can hear them now: “Dr. King marched so we, as Black people, have the right to vote so darn-it, I am obligated to vote. Since Democrats care more about us than Republicans, we vote for Democrats. Democrats care more about us than Republicans.”

How do they care more? Because they give us free stuff? Can caring be inferred because most black politicians are Democrats? Please provide HARD DATA proving Democrats care about us?


As I close, by opening God’s House to people who despise God’s people, leaders have become the worst forms of ‘buck dancers.’ During slavery, and in the early decades of freedom, our ancestors were forced to entertain or lose their lives.

I am not here to tell anyone “don’t vote” or “how to vote.” If you provide “power” to someone that does evil, you will not be held harmless for results of their evil.

I wrote this article with the knowledge that most black voters have no idea what Democrats really do once they get to Congress. There are a few Democrats who care about the things we care about.

However, they are beholden to an evil system which stands against God and the Bible. Over the ensuing months and years after this is posted, it will eventually reach top search engine positions.

The voices who stand against what is written here stand against truth! Not "my truth" as some would suppose rather, God's Word (which is the only truth).

For you black Republicans who will use what I said to advance your own wicked agenda, “God is not mocked.”

One of the biggest issues God had with Israel is their failure to “assist the poor.” Democrats are heading for God’s Judgment but so are you. Do you truly believe because you stand against abortion and same-sex marriage that God views YOU more favorably?

You hate poor people through your support of big business which tramples on their aspirations.

Recently your party rejected funding Veteran's Health Care initiatives and only caved in when veteran organizations attacked you. You sent these women and men to fight for this country and when they come back with broken bodies and minds you REJECT healing them?

Yeah - that is DEFINATELY what Jesus would have done (I mock)! At least this isn't same sex marriage and abortion, right?

Saints - God will not going to hold you harmless. You have been warned (again).

Header Image Courtesy of Nicole Baster @ Unsplash

Abraham Lincoln Image Courtesy of WikiCommons

Barack Obama Image Courtesy of WikiCommons

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